Risk and Insurance Management Conference 2011- Vancouver BC

Let me say first of all that Vancouver has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It was a perfect spot to hold the premier risk management event of the year.  It’s unfortunate that the program wasn’t better attended.  I don’t know the exact attendance numbers, but I can say that as an exhibitor the traffic on the conference floor was light for the first two days and nearly non-existent on this, the final day.

Having attended RIMS for the past several years it was notable that risk management students were not to be found in the exhibit area.  In year’s past there has been an armada of students, resumes in hand, looking for student internships and after graduation work opportunities.  Perhaps this had something to do with the cost of travel or attendance fees or all of the above.  I find their absence troubling on two counts.  I’m interested in finding a summer risk management intern for my own business and I think that the industry needs a constant influx of these specifically trained young business people to fill the ranks of an ever aging insurance workforce.

There were some bright spots including a very string contingent of participants from Central and South America looking for guidance and help with their captive insurance initiatives.  The emerging marketplace in Latin America is creating opportunities that rival those in North America and we as a company are marshaling our resources to be able to meet the demand in these areas.

Next year RIMS will be in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia and I hope that the location draws lots of attention in the risk management community.  By teh way, you can follow me on Twitter now, dennissilvia


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